Notice of Public Records Accessibility



(State Statute 19.34(1) Procedural information)

Except as otherwise provided, any person has a right to inspect a record and to make or receive a copy of any record as provided in Wisconsin Statutes 19.34.

The following Department Heads are designated records custodian for their respective Department:


Fred Schnook, Administrator

DianaDoherty, Finance Director

Dan Streit, Police Chief


Wayne Castle,UtilitiesDirector

Ron Bittner, Public Works Director

Abby Armour, Library Director

Tim Rutenbeck, Supervisor of Inspections

The following Elected Officials are designated records custodian for their respective records:

FredWinchowky,Village President

James Decker, Trustee

Darlene Johnson, Trustee

Daniel Adler, Trustee

EricBrill, Trustee

John Meiners, Trustee


As it is impractical to name every record, only the department and the official custodian for the records of that department of the Village are listed above. If you are interested in a specific record please ask the office staff of the Village and they will tell you which department has custody of that record. A written request for records should be given to the proper department head describing the records that you are requesting. In some cases, records may require retrieval and therefore may not be immediately available for inspection.

The cost of photocopying shall be twenty-five cents per page. Said cost has been calculated not to exceed the actual, necessary and direct cost of reproduction. In some cases, such response costs may go beyond simply copying a requested record. No copies shall be mailed to any applicant unless prior arrangements are made with the Village Clerk for payment of postage.

Public Records may be requested, inspected and copies obtained during normal business hours at the Departmental location or at the Village Hall, 440 River Crest Court, Mukwonago, Wisconsin during the following times: Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Fridays, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. If the records are not at this location the request will be forwarded.