Property Taxes

First Installment Of Property Taxes Due to Village

 January 31, 2024

Second Installment due to County

July 31, 2024

The Village of Mukwonago collects all current year real estate and personal property taxes for Village of Mukwonago property in both Walworth County and Waukesha County.

The Village Board approves the budget in late November/early December. After the budget has been approved, information is compiled from all jurisdictions to determine that tax levy, which is the amount needed through tax collection to cover costs for the School District, State, County, and Local taxing bodies.  

Please review the Tax Insert at the bottom of the page based on the County you live in.


These are the 2023 Tax Rates based on jurisdiction (Mill Rate X 1,000 of Assessed Value)
Mill Rates 
Walworth County / East Troy School District $ TBDWaukesha County Phantom Lake District $TBD
Walworth County / Mukwonago School District $TBDWaukesha County / Mukwonago School District $TBD
Fist Dollar Credit 
Mukwonago School District Walworth County $55.82Waukesha County Mukwonago School District $55.82
East Troy School District Walworth County $61.10 
Lottery Credit 
Walworth County Mukwonago School Dist $207.76Waukesha County Mukwonago School Dist $207.76
Walworth County East Troy School Dist $227.41 

The Annual Digital Budget Book is available HERE

View Copies of Current or Prior Year Tax Information

We can not estimate tax bills.  The Annual Budget is not accepted until November, and Tax Bills are not printed until December of each year.   
We Do Not refund overpayments under $5.00 unless requested.

Check the Assessor Page for information on your assessed values.


First installment is due January 31st
Second installment is due July 31st

(due to Walworth or Waukesha County Treasurer's office)


If any installment is not paid by the due date, the entire balance of the tax bill will become delinquent with interest retroactive until February 1st


The Village of Mukwonago residents pay their tax payments in two (2) installments – January 31 and July 31. If you elect the installment plan, we must receive the amounts stated at the bottom of your bill on or before the due dates (or postmarked by). The second installment in July is payable to the Waukesha or Walworth County Treasurer.

There are multiple ways to make your tax payments.

PAY YOUR TAXES IN-PERSON: Taxes may be paid at the Village Hall, Monday through Thursday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm., and Fridays, 8:00 am to noon. The Treasurer’s Office is located at 440 River Crest Court. Village Hall will be CLOSED December 25, 26, 31, and January 1st. For questions, please call the office at (262) 363-6421. In the parking lot, there is a drop box for payments of taxes, water bills, etc. Please remember that when using this box you must place your payment in an envelope.  PROPERTY TAX PAYMENTS CAN NOT BE COMBINED WITH OTHER PAYMENTS.

PAY YOUR TAXES BY US MAIL: Send your check, made payable to the Village of Mukwonago, and the top portion of your tax bill to the Village Treasurer; 440 River Crest Ct; Mukwonago, WI 53149. 

Be sure it is postmarked by the due date. Checks received by mail must have the postmark to be accepted on time. If payment is mailed, it must be received with a postmark of no later than the above due date, or it will be marked delinquent.

IF YOU NEED A TAX BILL RECEIPT, a self addressed stamped envelope must be enclosed.

PAY YOUR TAXES AT CITIZENS BANK:  If you’d like to make your payment at one of the banks listed, please bring your entire tax bill. If paying by check please write your tax parcel number on your check. The Bank WILL NOT accept overpayments. Please take overpayments to the Village Hall in person or send in the mail. Refunds over $5.00 will be issued in about 30 days. The following banks will accept tax payments during their regular business hours during the months of December and January:

PAY YOUR TAXES ONLINE :You can pay your real estate taxes online using a debit/credit card or an “e-check” transaction from your bank account. Additional information on convenience fees and to make a payment.

PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX PAYMENTS: State Statute requires all Personal Property Tax Bills to be paid in full by January 31. Payments can be made in the same manner as described above.

PENALTY: Late payments for the January installment will become delinquent, including interest and penalty at 1½ % per month, which then the taxes must be paid in full. Delinquent taxes mean the installment plan is no longer an option. Late payments will become delinquent back to February 1 and must be paid in full including 1½ % interest.