Village Board of Trustees

The Village of Mukwonago is governed by a Village Board of Trustees, consisting of a Village President and six trustees, and is non-partisan.  Village Trustees are elected at-large. Local Elections are held every year on the first Tuesday in April.  Each board member is elected to three-year terms, with the Village President and three trustees elected one year, and the other three trustees elected the following year.

The Village Board meets the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm. They meet in the Board Room located on the second floor of the Village Hall located at 440 River Crest Court, Mukwonago.

Becoming a Village Board Member

If you are interested in being on the Village Board, there are annual deadlines for circulating nomination papers.  Contact the Village Clerk’s office for information

If you are interested in serving on a Village Committee or Commission, check out our Directory to look at vacant positions.



President Fred Winchowky[email protected]2025
Trustee James Decker[email protected]2023
Trustee Eric Brill[email protected]2024
Trustee Scott Reeves[email protected]2025
Trustee Darlene Johnson[email protected]2024
Trustee John Meiners[email protected]2023
Trustee Ken Johnson[email protected]2025