Two Rivers Subdivision

Street Rehabilitation Project to begin mid-May

The Village of Mukwonago has planned and awarded a street project in the Two Rivers Subdivision. Streets that were constructed in the first phase of the subdivision will be affected, including both entrances into the subdivision from CTH ES. A map of the included streets is on the back of this letter. The project consists of curb, sidewalk, crosswalks, catch basin repairs/replacement, followed up by pavement pulverizing and street paving.

The project is anticipated to start early soon. Starting with concrete work and then pavement pulverizing and paving. Pulverizing and paving are projected to start after school is out in June.

During the construction process, we ask that residents utilize alternative routes into and out of the subdivision when those areas are under construction. Limit street parking to overnight and weekends only. Remove overnight parked vehicles by 7:00 AM Monday through Friday. There are a few residents that will have limited driveway access for 7-10 days following curb replacements (notification will be made to the affected homes prior to any curb replacement).

Construction work hours are 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM Monday through Friday. At times, to maintain schedules the construction companies may work on Saturdays.

With your cooperation and understanding we can complete the project in an efficient and timely manner.  Schedules andFlyer updates will be provided at For questions, please email me at

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